The Beyond Series

The Beyond Series of novels follows the travels of Skyler Briggs. The first two novels in the series are: Beyond Na Pali and Beyond Machu Picchu. Future novels in the series will be based in Portugal, Nepal, Santa Barbara and more beautiful locations.

The Beyond Series explore the travels and travails of Skyler Briggs as he drops out of the 9-5 work world and goes on extraordinary adventures to the most beautiful places in the world. He travels physically, but he also travels chemically and spiritually through the recreational use of drugs. The casual drug use leads to inspiration as well as troubles that drive the novel.

The novels also explore Skyler’s romance and naive understanding of the world. He’s young and inexperienced in love and jumps into things that lead to problems. Skyler is impetuous and adventurous and is entering a new phase in his life of extended travel. If you want to travel around the world via Skyler, the Beyond Series is for you.