Beyond Na Pali – The Book

My first novel Beyond Na Pali is about a young man who quits his job to travel. Skyler Briggs doesn’t find fulfillment in his work or even life while working for a large company and wants a great escape. His first trip is to go backpacking to the remote Kalalau Beach on Kauai’s beautiful and exotic Na Pali coast. He teams up with a hot Australian woman who is on a year of travel. It’s easy for Skyler to fall in love with Shirley while on the trip and that’s when the trouble starts.

The front cover of the book depicts the first crossing of Crawler’s Ledge on the Kalalau Trail. The 11-mile trail leads to Kalalau Beach which can be seen to the right of the hikers and goats.

The novel is full of romance, adventure and drama. A recurring theme is drug use and abuse. Skyler and Shirley walk a fine line between casual use and addiction that plays out in dramatic and profound ways.

The back covers shows a real picture of the Na Pali coast in Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park. The author is shown at the gates to Hanakoa Valley on the trail.

The book is available on Amazon for $14.95 or signed copies from the author for $10 in person. Signed copies can be shipped throughout the United States for $20.

Here’s the first copy of the final version of the book. I really like the illustration.

Contact the author at scottkipp123(at) for press interviews and a press kit.

Press Kit

The Press Kit for the book is here.